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GET IN TOUCH WITH US +91 98407 82828
+91 99449 28666

Eco - Friendly food Packaging for brands that care

Go green and reduce waste by using our eco-friendly custom packaging solution!

Elevate your Business with custom food packaging

Deliver your food in safe and structured custom food packaging boxes.

Why Choose Us

Creative visual design

Holds all types of foods

Size options available

About Us

Driving Sustainable Value

They say you eat with your eyes first. And when you think about it, it’s true. When food is presented well, it already seems to taste better! At Surieco, we take away the trouble of creating great packaging so that you can concentrate on the food. All our packages are made from paperboard – which is a renewable natural source – and feels as good as it looks! We provide custom packaging solutions, with end-to-end service to make things easy for you. Our team consists of qualified and dedicated packaging experts who will help create a memorable packaging experience for your customers.